Endeavour and 3P’s

But not the marketing 3 P’s – these are my “life admin” three P’s. Planning, Preparing and Perseverance!

It is just days until I leave on the biggest Endeavour of my life to date – a trip to South America taking in Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and NYC (I know NYC is in the USA!). And as I put the final touches to my trip it seems to me that there have been 3P’s to get me thus far.

Planning – working out direction of travel where I am going and what I am going to do?

Preparing – getting the right tools in the box.

Perseverance – keep focused and overcoming difficulties along the way.

These have been the common themes in my life in the last 10 months. And they have weaved their way through work, business life and the Gravitate team; they have underpinned my fitness programme and influenced what I have done, places I have been and people I have met; and lastly the guiding principles of my home and family life. Just as I sit ticking off the last few things to do on the list I am mindful of how important to have a goal, a focus and a support team are to me.

I am sure there will be highs and lows in this journey and I hope to draw on the reserves I have built up along the way. Those are the physical and emotional demands which will be placed on my personal resources and I will dig down deep to silence the doubts that come out to play when things get tough. And that is no different to the life running a small business – you need a direction, a focus of energy, ability to learn new skills along the way to have the right tools to hand. And when it goes wrong the perseverance to keep going through thick and thin.

I have meet so many great people on this particular journey and I hope my travels will open my mind and my state of readiness to embrace all things new! So to all of you who have been for part of this endeavour, thanks for all the advice, support, and be prepared for lots of tales on my return!

BIG thank you.

So as the sunsets across my home town I look forward to new horizons, sunrises and life experiences!

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