Financial Wellbeing Seminar with HSBC

After setting up the conference room for the Glasgow version of our Financial Wellbeing seminar with HSBC, it felt like we had only just cleared up after our initial Planning For Success(ion) seminar a few weeks earlier. The intervening weeks in the Gravitate Glasgow office have been so busy, this seminar was upon us before we even knew it.

We were once again delighted to welcome a selection of business contacts to our beautiful Blythswood Square office and also facilitate some new connections.

Promoting Financial Wellbeing

Once everyone was seated, we were able to watch on as the presentation was expertly delivered by Gavin Marshall and Scott McPherson of HSBC as part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Gavin and Scott explored a wide range of topics such as managing and growing your wealth, home buying, children’s education, health insurance, future care plans, pensions, and how sensible financial planning can help to mitigate any potential financial problems.

As we stated during our promotion campaign, the number of employees who are potentially worried about their finances is increasing so we hope that our delegates found the content useful.

One of the great things about Gavin and Scott’s presentation is that the content was not purely through an HSBC lens – they delivered general and practical advice to help ensure that people know how to create a high level of financial wellbeing and we very much appreciate their contribution.

What’s Next?

Now that we have two seminars under our belts at Gravitate Glasgow, we can almost argue that we have as much event experience as our Edinburgh counterparts! Speaking of which, our next seminar in Edinburgh – Steps For Successful Endeavours – is on Thursday 1st June 2017. Margery will tell stories of her endeavours during her recent adventure as well as providing practical advice to delegates. You can sign up here or by going on to the Events page on our website.

If you cannot attend our seminar on 1st June, Margery will also be delivering a Glasgow version of her ‘Steps For Successful Endeavours’ seminar on Wednesday 7th June at our Glasgow office. If you are interested in attending, you can sign up here or by visiting the Events page on our website.

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